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Create revenue from better data and analysis

Use PPC, analytics, and market research to drive qualified traffic for your website

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Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads & Instagram, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Amazon Ads, and Pinterest. Ads.

Web analytics

Google Analytics, Clicky, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Mouseflow, Mixpanel, YandexMertika, and other analytics tools.

My approach:

My approach:

Everything I do is based on a careful analysis of your products, services, goals, and KPIs. Without that crucial first step, it’s impossible to measure any progress.

Most people ignore the quality of landing pages. They stick only with tactics they already know, whether or not they are best suited for your needs. I focus on only the strategies that will get you the highest return on your efforts, not just superficial impressions. Everything I do is analyzed and tested for effectiveness. I make the extra effort to target my outreach, instead of going broad and wasting your money. There are also countless extra features I can include if they make sense for your situation.

Unfortunately, most PPC and web analytics professionals do not know how to produce measurable results, preferring a quick setup without real leverage. They have meaningless certificates and misleading portfolios showing arbitrary numbers without context. I hate to break it to you, but just about anyone can pass Google, Bing, or Yahoo certification tests with hardly any preparation.

A certificate is not proof of concept. What matters is the knowledge and practice. Only through daily experience does a novice become an expert.

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My hourly rate is $55.

All work or consultation is subject to a minimum charge of one hour work.

My favorite businesses to work with are those which create profound value for the individual and society.